Art/Culture By jens | Dec, 04 2008
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Protest 4 Comments
2008-12-05 18:27
Asides from the fashion of how this particular picture was produced ;) I actually do think in general abstract painting such as this can be "art". I would hang something like this up (well, not produced by shitting on it -- that is, indeed, shit -- I mean abstract art of this type). The question ultimately for me though is how much it costs. I certainly wouldn't pay much more then the cost of material for it.
2008-12-08 18:07
Just the cost of material?

Dude, come on. This fat hairy guy went thru some pain in the ass to create this art work, LOL! You don't just get a canvas with colors on it, there is much more on it. Speaking of "material", you might even find some pubic hair. What's the price premium for that? ;)
2008-12-08 18:58
Like I said, I wouldn't buy THIS paining. I mean "abstract art" in general. ;)

On that note: How come you put it under the "Art/Culture" section? :P
2009-01-15 23:39
Ihh... wie eklig. hoffentlich ist das animiert. und der typ hat super lange haare auf den zehen... wuhahaha... danke, dass ich an dieser ...Kunst... teilhaben durfte, jens :-)
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